Lake Lots For Sale & Site Plan Layout

Lot Features & Services


All lots at South Stoney start at a minimum size of one quarter acre.


The public beach is easily accessible from all of the lots at South Stoney.


Natural Gas, Power and Telecommunication will be provided to the property line of every lot.


Lakefront, Channel and Treed Lots available.

Block 1

Lot 1Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.49SOLD
Lot 2Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 3Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 4Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 5Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 6Lake View0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48$100,000
Lot 7Lake View0.33 AcresIrregular$100,000
Lot 8Lake Front0.61 AcresIrregularSOLD
Lot 9Lake Front0.29 Acres27.61 x 52.13$175,000
Lot 10Lake Front0.30 Acres26.26 x 51.97$175,000
Lot 11Lake Front0.25 Acres25.25 x 51.50$175,000
Lot 12Lake Front0.30 Acres28.67 x 45.18SOLD
Lot 13Lake Front0.26 Acres27.91 x 40.23SOLD
Lot 14Lake Front0.26 Acres27.41 x 39.61$175,000
Lot 15Lake Front0.27 Acres23.63 x 39.84$175,000
Lot 16Lake Front0.29 Acres28.96 x 40.84$175,000

Block 2

Lot 1Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.49$60,000
Lot 2Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 3Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 4Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.49SOLD
Lot 5Lake View0.28 Acres46.23 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 6Lake View0.27 Acres44.01 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 7Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 8Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 9Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 10Treed0.28 Acres36.50 x 30.49SOLD

Block 3

Lot 1Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 2Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 3Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48$60,000
Lot 4Lake View0.35 Acres47.20 x 30.48$100,000
Lot 5Lake View0.29 Acres35.93 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 6Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 7Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 30.48SOLD
Lot 8Treed0.29 Acres36.58 x 30.48SOLD

Block 4

Lot 1Treed0.28 Acres36.48 x 31.00SOLD
Lot 2Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 31.00SOLD
Lot 3Treed0.28 Acres36.58 x 31.00SOLD
Lot 4Lake View0.26 Acres35.50 x 31.00$100,000
Lot 5Lake View0.27 Acres29.46 x 37.15$100,000

Block 5

Lot 1Lake Front0.49 Acres43.25 x27.43SOLD
Lot 2Lake Front0.31 Acres30.00 x 43.55$175,000
Lot 3Lake Front0.30 Acres30.00 x 41.28SOLD
Lot 4Lake Front0. 26 Acres26.00 x 39.00SOLD
Lot 5Lake Front0.27 Acres25.00 x 42.30SOLD
Lot 6Lake Front0.31 Acres24.00 x 46.50SOLD
Lot 7Lake Front0.44 Acres34.50 x 51.80SOLD
Lot 8Lake Front0.52 Acres34.50 x 59.26SOLD
Lot 9Lake Front0.39 Acres23.00 x 65.74SOLD
Lot 10Lake Front0.42 Acres23.00 x 71.70SOLD
Lot 11Lake Front0.39 Acres23.00 x 73.18SOLD
Lot 12Lake Front0.34 Acres23.00 x 64.45SOLD
Lot 13Lake Front0.29 Acres23.00 x 55.73SOLD
Lot 14Lake Front0.27 Acres20.80 x 47.01$175,000
Lot 15Lake Front0.29 Acres31.30 x 36.71$175,000
Lot 16Lake Front0.32 Acres35.00 x 36.63$175,000
Lot 17Lake Front0.32 Acres35.00 x 36.63$175,000

Block 6

Lot 1Channel0.27 Acres24.00 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 2Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58$110,000
Lot 3Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 4Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 5Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 6Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 7Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 8Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 9Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58$110,000
Lot 10Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 11Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 12Channel0.31 Acres34.00 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 13Channel0.27 Acres36.20 x 36.58SOLD
Lot 14Channel0.28 Acres30.50 x 36.58$110,000
Lot 15Channel0.39 Acres40.00 x 32.08SOLD
Lot 16Channel0.32 Acres42.73 x 32.08

Block 7

Lot 1Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 2Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 3Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 4Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 5Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 6Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 7Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00SOLD
Lot 8Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 9Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 10Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 11Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 12Channel0.29 Acres30.50 x 38.00$110,000
Lot 13Channel0.30 Acres33.00 x 38.00SOLD

On the southern shore of beautiful Delaronde Lake lies a brand new cottage community called South Stoney Resort. This unique development holds the promise of unbeatable cottage living with the added luxury of a private beach.

Phone: 306-270-1857

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